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All furniture is made out of locally sourced wood from Central Indiana. Trees become tables, benches, desks, book shelves and much more, thanks to the skilled handiwork of local craftsman.


When you lose a favorite tree it can be traumatic. Let

our craftsmen re-purpose your tree into a family heirloom. 


We are proud to offer these pieces and are available to discuss creating a dream for you too. 


Artist's Statement

A throwback to the past! These pieces each have a story to tell. The wood for each piece has been locally sourced from Central Indiana.


When a mighty tree succumbs to drought, lightning, pests, development or environmental stress, Vine & Branch furniture crews salvage the wood and re-purpose it into heirloom quality furniture.


In this day of international commerce this is truly a rarity as the wood for these pieces has never been more than forty miles from where it was grown.




How is the wood treated?


Each piece has been treated in it's own special way. Some have a coat of poly urethane, some only a light coat of danish or linseed oil.


Can you make something out of one of my trees?


We are happy to talk to you about commissioning a piece from a tree on your property.



How long does it take to make a piece?


Depending on the complexity of design the entire process of tree removal, milling, drying, and hand crafting an heirloom quality piece can take anywhere from 1 month to 2 years.





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