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We supply the product that you need to create your own furniture.  Cubes, Rustic Beam Benches, Mantels, Wood slabs, Tube steel legs, and  Milled lumber. We will sell you the rough product and you assemble, sand, stain and finish it yourself.  Buy just the materials  or  a kit with all that you need. Starting at $100.00. Contact us to discuss what you want.

1- Rustic Beam Bench Kit- $175.00 Kit includes 14" x 14" x 60" beam , and 12" x 10" feet, 5/8 threaded rod and bolts, dowel for countersink.
2- Slab Bench Kit- $350.00 Kit includes 20" x 3" x 60" slab in walnut, cherry, maple, elm or honey locust, tubular steel legs and bolts, stain or oil and poly-urethane.
3- Cube Seat or Side Table Kit- $175.00 Kit includes 14" x 14" to 18" x 18" milled cube, squared off top, and danish oil.
4- Lamp Kit- $275.00- Beautiful Mid-Century Modern Style Floor Lamp, Kit includes milled lamp parts, electric set up, danish oil.
5- Mantle Kit- $300 and up, In Oak, Ash, Walnut, or Hickory.

Slabs and lumber for projects!

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